Environmental Health & Safety

Naari Pharma Private Limited considers ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION, HEALTH & SAFETY as responsibility of management and employees in all functions and hence it conducts all its operations in a manner that is protective of the Environment, Health & Safety of Employees, Customers and the Community.To fulfill this commitment, Naari Pharma Private Limited has developed and adopted the following Policy on ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH & SAFETY (EHS).

  • Provide the resources necessary to implement this policy and to develop and maintain our EHS systems
  • Committed to continual improvement of our EHS performance by setting objectives and targets and performing regular audits and reviews
  • Ensure that all personnel, whether employees or contractors, are aware of their delegated environmental, health and safety responsibilities and are properly trained to undertake these.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable EHS laws.
  • We shall comply with all relevant statutory and other requirements in the area of EHS.
  • Each employee shall comply with the EHS laws applicable to her or his area of operational responsibility.
  • We strive for continual improvement in our EHS performance. We measure progress and verify compliance through audits & management reviews.
  • We provide our employees with safe workplaces. We promote programs to maintain or improve the health of our employees.
  • We cooperate with our suppliers and contractors and offer assistance for achieving an EHS performance matching our own.
  • We strive to use natural resources more efficiently, reduce waste and prevent accidents.